Here Comes That Damned Federal Marriage Amendment Again!


Sarah Palin — and people like her — make me so damn mad! She (and they) believe that every citizen of the United States should be forced by law to conform to HER OWN PERSONAL moral code.

Earlier this week, in an interview, she came out in support of the proposed (Proposed by “W” in 2004) CONSTITUTIONAL BAN on marriage between two people of the same sex.

I ask you, what the hell business is it of the United States government, Sarah Palin, George W. Bush or any state government for that matter, if two woman or two men want to get married to each other.

Does a gay marriage interfere with anyone’s rights?


Does anyone loose any property when two gay people decide they want to be married?


Does gay marriage put anyone out of work or take money out of their bank accounts?

No, of course not!

So is it anyone’s business?


I’ll tell you what it apparently does do — although I really don’t understand why — it apparently scares people!

Perhaps it makes them doubt their own sexuality; or perhaps it makes them doubt that what their mommy and daddy and their priest or preacher told them about marriage is true.

WELL SORRY ABOUT THAT FOLKS! You’ve been told a lot of lies in your life and its about time you start questioning them — and there are lots of archaic laws and customs being foisted on you — it’s about time you questioned them too.

Why Marriage Licenses?

According to Wikipedia: “The requirement for marriage licenses in the U.S. has been justified on the basis that the state has an overriding right, on behalf of all citizens and in the interests of the larger social welfare, to protect them from disease or improper/illegal marriages; to keep accurate state records; or even to ensure that marriage partners have had adequate time to think carefully before marrying.”

That “overriding right” is, of course, a presumed right and it has been questioned and challenged over the years but common sense will, unfortunately, never make a dent in judicial fiat.

Its interesting to note that issuing a license implies that no one has the “right” to marry it is a privilege given to you by your state. It is also interesting to note that throughout history the refusal to issue a marriage license was a weapon used by the church and later by the government to prevent marriages that were considered inappropriate — in the early part of the 20th Century in the US, the marriage license was used in this way to prevent interracial marriages.

What the hell good is all this talk of freedom and liberty if adults cannot legally make their own decisions regarding who they will share their lives with?

Sorry Sarah — I love you as a potential VP but you really suck as a marriage councilor.


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