Another Step Toward Quasi-Socialism?


NOTE: In case anyone has noticed, I’ve been away from this forum for awhile; I’m back now and I’m as opinionated (or, if you prefer, obnoxious) as ever.

One of the big debating points between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in their recent Las Vegas debate centered around which one of them would provide more people with health care. That’s a bad sign! It’s a sign of the direction of our country and of the defeatist attitude that we, as a nation, have adopted.

The proposal for Universal Healthcare is, of course, just a small part of the overall picture but it is a great indicator of our country’s dilemma. What’s our country coming to when candidates for the presidency are so confident that the majority of Americans are ready to hand over their health care needs to their government that they use that as an incentive to get votes?

If Obama, Clinton or one of the other advocates of Big government (the ‘nanny-state’) is elected in November of ’08 its a sure sign that we are on the road to socialism. The real horror of this is that we are not being forced in that direction, we have simply given up — we’ve been convinced that we are not capable of running our own lives without a huge government safety net. It also indicates that we, as a nation, have lost faith in the free enterprise system that made our country the richest, most productive country on earth.

Since it’s inception, our Federal government has grown and grown in size as well as in scope. The ‘size’ is not necessarily a problem, its a symptom and a result of a growing population, but the growing scope of government — that’s a problem. The Federal Government no longer has self-imposed limits and it does not seem to recognize Constitutional limits; every small concern of an individual or a family has suddenly become a Federal problem. There is practically no aspect of life where you don’t run into government restrictions, “incentives”, mandates or, at least, taxes.

Now I used the term “socialism” rather loosely and want to emphasize that pure socialism, in the context of America and the values that America was built on, is a concept that is simply obscene. In a socialist state, the government controls the distribution of wealth and resources and control’s the ‘means of production’. America, fortunately, is NOT there yet, not even that close, but the trend is obvious. The trend is also scary!

Today, our government’s biggest expenditure (I believe the figure is 65%) is for entitlement programs from Social Security, to Medicare and Medicaid to free heathcare to welfare. What, I am asking, has happened to self reliance and personal responsibility? Those two concepts were the very foundations of our country’s founding and of it’s success — now these concepts are strictly the provence of groups that are ‘popularly’ considered fringe groups such as Libertarians and Objectivists. If these are concepts of the “fringe” I suggest that we all start heading in the direction of that fringe. Our government, our country, is on a collision course with socialism and We The People have the power either to alter that direction or to give in to our insecurities and allow the current trend to run it’s disastrous course.

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4 thoughts on “Another Step Toward Quasi-Socialism?

  1. Whymrhymer, It’s been awhile since I’ve read one of your articles. I did not know you were still blogging. I’m not anymore.

    In an ideal world, everyone would be able to afford health care, but the harsh reality is that even though I am quite firmly in the middle of the middle class, I would be hard pressed to afford health insurance if not for the contributions of my employer. Despite this cost, millions of people die because nurses feel they don’t have time to wash their hands between patients. Furthermore, it seems to me that the providers use their lobbying money to preserve the current system.

    To me, that says something is wrong with the system as it stands. Whether that be more or less government interference, I don’t know.

    Idealism aside, I think it’s time we start rethinking our approach.

  2. Ryan,

    It’s a pleasure to hear from you!There certainly is something wrong with the system and to my mind its a combination of too much regulation, not enough competition, outrageous court settlements in malpractice cases and the government’s refusal to crack down on those who are not entitled to government benefits but continue to abuse the system.

    Look at the Laser Eye Surgery industry. The various centers are forced to advertise, cut their prices. offer special incentives, provide low-interest, long term financing and, at the same time develop a record of successful surgeries. Its either all that, or go out of business.

    I frankly don’t know how, but somehow hospitals and clinics need to be put on the same footing. One thing that won’t improve their situation however is a takeover of the industry by the government.

  3. Universal Healthcare is not the way to go. And yes it does smack a bit of socialism. I would like to see a insurance plan that is based sliding scale upon income, if health insurance is not offered at the workplace. Insurance companies need to allow small businesses to be able to “piggyback” with each other to get the group rates that larger businesses receive because of the participant total. This would allow small companies to offer insurance to their employees at a lower cost. Instead we have small companies out there that can not afford the policy rates so either the employee has to shoulder the bulk of the cost or the small guy just can not afford it.

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