Photo-IDs Keep the Voting Process Honest


Soon the U.S. Supreme court will hear a case that will determine the constitutionality of requiring a government-issued photo ID to vote. The case they will hear was brought by the Democratic party in Indiana. Indiana, it seems has the strictest voter-ID laws in the country and the Democratic party is claiming that requiring a photo-ID places a particular burden on the poor and the elderly (two groups who’s votes the Democrats feel they ‘own’).

The problem of poor and elderly CITIZENS (emphasis intended) acquiring a photo ID is a very small problem that can be easily overcome by state and/or city governments; simply issue free voter ID cards to those who qualify for either status. As generous as the American people are and as generous as corporations are, the cost (or at least a substantial portion of the cost) of such a program would probably easily be underwritten by donations.

I suspect that the poor and the elderly are not the real problem however, I suspect that they are being used by the Democratic party (mainly the Democratic party) as ‘strawmen’ so the party workers can drag as many people to the polls as possible — people including those who are currently deceased and those who are here illegally and have no right to vote. Without the requirement of a photo-ID, all these illegal voters have to do is sign the names on their phony voter registration cards (assuming even that is required) and pull the proper lever.

There are those who will, because of that last paragraph, label me as a Republican but they will be wrong. I stand within neither party (or in any other party). I’m simply an American who understands that many, if not most, politicians are lowlifes who will do anything (with very few limits) to get votes. Historically, the Democratic party has been guilty of most of the vote-buying tactics and their current stand against a common sense principle like requiring a voter to positively identify himself or herself tells me I’m right when I accuse them of being guilty again.

It seems to me that the clearest and most solid argument for voter-ID can be made by reviewing the facts concerning illegal immigration. Thanks to our lax border enforcement over the last ten years or so (perhaps farther back than that) we have God knows how many millions of illegal immigrants here in the United States; and they are not without organization. There are many groups who stand up for their “rights” — even though common sense will tell you that they have no rights under our constitution — and these advocates of the illegals dream of having them cast votes for the candidates who support their causes. With a government-issued photo-ID as a requirement to vote, their dreams will not be easily realized.

Let me be clear, I’m not claiming that the case going before the Supreme Court is directly related to anything other than the poor and the elderly; but I am emphasizing that we are in a situation, created by our own government, where a “win” for the poor and the elderly (unless it is a tightly structured win) will also be a win for those crooked politicians and eager political workers who want to,effectively, steal the votes of legal voters. I can only hope that the justices will at least consider the impact they can have on the age-old problem of voter fraud when they render their decision.

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3 thoughts on “Photo-IDs Keep the Voting Process Honest

  1. kip

    I couldn’t believe what I was reading.Ten million legal American citizens who currently don’t have any kind of picture I.D. may seem like an insignificant number to you, but this legislation effectively bars them from casting their vote – a right our soldiers fought and died to protect. And if you want to talk about Ohio, no problem. The investigation revealed that five votes – FIVE – were discovered to be illegitimate. Diebold, on the other hand…

  2. kip,

    I certainly don’t want any citizen’s vote lost — and that’s why I started the post by offering a suggestion that would get photo IDs to all of the “legal American citizens who currently don’t have any kind of picture I.D.”

    Perhaps only 5 illegitimates were discovered in the investigation you are talking about but the exact number is insignificant when you consider the number of people in this country illegally right now and whatever number will be here illegally in November of next year and then consider the number of American citizens who are actively protesting and petitioning to get them to stay. How you can protest the deportation of illegals (read the news today?) and still consider yourself a law-abiding American citizen is beyond my understanding.

    Where exactly is your head at kip? Isn’t it better to fix the problems as you find them?

    Problem number one is, as you stated, there are millions of people of voting age who don’t have something as basic as a photo ID — lets fix it!

    Problem number two is there are unscrupulous politicians, political aides and political wannabees who may try to exploit this obvious glitch in the system by bloating the voting pool with people who shouldn’t be able to vote once much less twice or people who are unable to vote because they are dead. Fixing problem number one will go a long ways toward fixing problem number two.

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