Huckabee Supporter: Smiting His Enemies Through Prayer


Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and a former Southern Baptist minister, is considered by many to be the Christian’s leading choice for president. One would expect, however, that Huckabee is thinking some very unchristian thoughts today about one of his most vocal supporters, the Rev. Wiley Drake of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, Calif.

Recently Rev. Drake sent out a letter offering his personal endorsement of Huckabee for President. Just endorsing Huckabee as an individual would not have gotten him in trouble but he made the technical error of sending out this endorsement on church stationery. That puts him in the position of a church leader endorsing a political candidate and, under Internal Revenue Service rules, that jeopardizes his church’s tax exempt status.

The IRS probably would not have even known about Rev. Drake’s folly had it not been for a group called Americans United for Separation of Church and State. They found out about the de facto Huckabee endorsement by a church and reported it to the IRS.

So while other ministers are praying for peace or praying for blessings from God, and encouraging their followers to do the same, Rev. Drake is asking his parishioners to pray for revenge; he is calling for an imprecatory prayer for the punishment and/or deaths of officials of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Today’s International Herald Tribune reports the following:

“On his Internet show, in a news release on ChristianNewsWire and in an e-mail to Americans United, Drake called on others to pray that the Americans United officials be punished. He gave as examples of imprecatory prayer:

“Persecute them. … Let them be put to shame and perish.”

“Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.”

“Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg.”

Rev. Drake claims that this is what God wants — he says (correctly by the way), that the Bible calls for imprecatory prayer when someone “attacks the church.”

Reverend Drake is clearly a man who would make a great Muslim Imam — he has the same values as the ones who call for the deaths of all those who do not submit themselves to Allah. The Rev. Drake, however, should not hold a position in any Christian church. I would hope that, as I write this, there are two statements being drafted for release A.S.A.P.:

One from the national leadership of the Southern Baptist Church, chastising Rev. Drake and, more importantly, removing him from his position as a Southern Baptist minister.

The second statement that should be in the works, even at this late hour, is a statement for Mike Huckabee, denouncing Rev. Drake in no uncertain terms and rejecting his support.

If Huckabee does any less than that, we may have to question his sanity as well.

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8 thoughts on “Huckabee Supporter: Smiting His Enemies Through Prayer

  1. mposey

    You won’t hear what you’re looking for from the Southern Baptist Church, is my prediction. They only threaten ministers with punishment for either approving of gay people or approving of Bill Clinton.

    Why are these ministers so interested in having God kill everybody? That doesn’t seem in line with their self-declared mission to save souls.

  2. You’re so right mposey; praying for the death of ones enemies certainly seems out of line with the morality we were taught!

    Psalm 35, the place where Rev. drake pulled his reference to imprecatory prayer is Old Testament religion and its kind of hard to swallow for those of us who were schooled in the “turn the other cheek” mentality from the New Testament.

    I guess the question to be asked is: which God is the real God, one who justifies actions such as Rev. Drake’s or one who would find Martin Luther King’s actions more to His (or Her) liking? Or perhaps the real God is Allah or Zeus or Jupiter or Brahma or Ra . . . the list of Gods is endless and each has a different persona.

  3. Wow.

    You made quite a HUGE leap there. Do you assume that all Christians are just the same as Muslims, or just this one minister? There is a massive, huge, giant difference between a religious leader praying to God for justice and a religious leader telling all his followers to go kill innocent people.

  4. Ogre,

    Heavens no! I hope I didn’t imply that all Christians are the same as Muslims. This one minister praying for the deaths of his perceived “enemies” and encouraging his congregation to do the same does, however, bring some radical Muslim Imams to mind.

    And as you point out: “There is a massive, huge, giant difference between a religious leader praying to God for justice and a religious leader telling all his followers to go kill innocent people.” I agree, but in the case of this minister, he wasn’t praying to God for justice, he was praying for revenge on some people who caught him doing something he shouldn’t have done, and then started the ball rolling that might cause him to loose his tax exempt status. There is also a big difference between justice and revenge!

    Thanks for commenting Ogre — I used to read your blog regularly but then I lost track of you; well now I know where to find you again!


  5. I’m sorry I don’t get to comment here much these days — work has got me so I barely have to time post my own blog!

    In this case, however, I still see a giant difference between a person praying for God to do something and Islam — where the religion attempts to have men carry out what they perceive what their god wants. I can see where you’re talking about the difference between justice and revenge, however.

    I do think the pastor is wrong. Very clearly, Jesus tells his followers to pray for their enemies. Perhaps this pastor thinks he is technically doing that because he’s praying for them — just praying for them to die. So I do think this fellow is wrong, I just cannot see any link or relation between what he’s doing and Islam.

    As for the leadership of his denomination comments — I don’t think such a thing exists. I don’t think there IS a national leadership group of the Southern Baptist Church at all. They have a gathering once a year, but I don’t think they have any organized leadership outside of that (I could be wrong).

  6. My remark: “Reverend Drake is clearly a man who would make a great Muslim Imam” shouldn’t be taken that literally — I was just drawing a parallel between his intentions (death to is enemies) and radical Islam’s intentions (death to our enemies) — a parallel based on what I see as religious extremism in both cases.

    I don’t know either about the leadership of the Southern Baptists but I would hope that there is some — somewhere — who understand the kind of damage this man is doing to perceptions of their church.

  7. cinamin

    Drake is a fake and a pervert at best. I have met him and he is mentally challenged. He used to be an active member of the KKK in Arkansas. I pray that the exploited people who live and work at his homeless hell hole see him for what he really is and throw him out of his church, (if that is what they are still calling it).

    Instead of using his position as a Pastor to help people he abuses it and he has become a huge liability to all of those who he comes into contact with. And does anybody know that he wears a bulletproof vest….all of the time? Seems to me that there are a lot of people who do not like him.

    I have been wondering, when will he be leaving California? He has filthed up our State with his white-trash bull for way too long. DRake, if you ever read this……get the hell out of this State. Nobody wants you here and you know it. So why do you continue to punish us and yourself. Go back to your white trash roots where you belong. and take your sex-addicted bible study guy and your passive aggressive son with you.

  8. isaac bennett

    You know who will have a real problem with separation with church and state? Jesus will. Take a look at Ps. 110 where Jesus will (in the near future) execute the heads (leaders) of nations because they did not love him. Mean? Sadistic? Or is this a real God fueled with real emotions of love and compassion; Who’s holiness will not allow Him to overlook sin and compromise? A God who will literally fight to up purity of love?

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