Why Should Public Nudity Be Illegal?


In 1992 New York State’s highest court ruled that it was legal for a woman to go into public without covering her breasts. Many people have derided that decision — most calling it immoral — and by most moral standards they are probably right. In most places in the world, covering your body is considered as important, if not more important, than cleaning your body. So in New York, in spite of a law that allows it, the overwhelming majority of women do not bare their breasts in public. Why? Two reasons: The main reason is because women have been taught since childhood that exposing their breasts is embarrassing, sinful, immoral and, in general, “unladylike.” The second reason is that most citizens of New York — including police officers — have no idea that it is perfectly legal for a lady to bare her breasts in public.

Case in point: Two years ago, a 27-year old New Yorker, Jill Coccaro took a walk without covering her breasts. She was arrested, taken for a psychiatric exam, and thrown in jail for 12 hours. Finally, after someone in the District Attorney’s office realized what had happened, she was released and told no charges would be pressed. In turn, Jill sued the city and, just recently, received a $29,000 settlement.

Don’t try this outside of New York! Anywhere else in the country you will likely have to pay dearly for your ‘nature walk.’

The questions this issues raise are: Is someone being victimized by a pair of breasts? Is a lady endangering anyone’s life or destroying anyone’s property by shedding shirt and bra? These are, of course, rhetorical questions and the answer is: course not! So if no one or nothing is damaged by a pair of exposed breasts, why should it be illegal anywhere for a lady to walk around with her breasts exposed. Might this be frowned upon by those who object to the practice, yes! Might a topless lady be subjected to social castigation, certainly! A topless lady will certainly not be allowed in many places of business and that’s fine; but to be incarcerated and fined for exposing your breasts — that’s ludicrous.

Our legal system is supposed to protect us against people who want to, or in some cases unintentionally do, harm our persons or our property; the legal system should not be misused to enforce social taboos! There are many things I don’t like to see — and I’m sure there are many things you don’t like to see; some of these things may just upset you and some may deeply offend you — but should they all — or any of them — be made illegal?

In this case, we’re talking about the human body. Hey, everyone has one and they all basically look alike except for gender differences. If you don’t like to look at a naked or partially naked human body, YOU may be the one with the problem and if you teach your children that they should be ashamed of their body you’re passing that problem on to the next generation.

On your next vacation, I would suggest a week in a naturist facility or, as some call it, a nudist camp; by the end of the week you will have an entirely new perspective.


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10 thoughts on “Why Should Public Nudity Be Illegal?

  1. It’s a simple matter of fluid transfer. The so-called “bathing suit area” should always be covered. Nipples lactate, penises (peni?) drip urine, vagina’s are in constant states of erosion in the cell walls as well as lubrication, and rectums leak. While not every person suffers from the dramatic sort of emissions these might conjure up in one’s mind, it is safe to assume that moist stuff is going on most days. Liquid, specifically human-created liquids, is a perfect medium for all sorts of nasty bacteria and parasites and what not to hang out in. Why should I have to interact with that on a bus seat, or a restaurant dining tablecloth, or any other surface so marred?

    I have been to a nudist colony. Apart from the incredible ratio of old perverted men to young women to ogle (47:0) , I noticed a few things:

    1. No one barbecues naked. I feel that if people are going to believe in nudism, they should be made to cook bacon and/or thai food naked.

    2. Everyone carries a towel – presumably for the exact reasons I went on about earlier. And there really is nothing worse than seeing a man walk by with a skid mark on his towel. Throws you right off your barbecue appetite.

    3. Lots of bad skin treated poorly. Sun lesions, pre-stage skin cancer, cysts, boils, pimples on buttocks, scars… So much of this unsightly mess is safely tucked away ordinarily, hidden from view by a nice shirt and a pair of jeans… Why should we confront the alarming realities of certain individual’s lack of personal hygiene simply so they can air out their junk?

    Even the natives in the bush have the decency to sheathe their units in a gourd. Can’t a civilized, health-conscious 21st century society acquainted with disease and containment agree to put on some freaking pants?

    I certainly hope so.

    And breastfeeding in public is beautiful, legally fine, and absolutely grand. I merely submit that:

    A: If your child is young enough to breastfeed, it probably should not be in the dubious environment of a public eatery. No one likes nor enjoys the sound of your mewling infant, so keep it and your milky breasts at home until you both can dine like adults.

    B: Is it so insane that you pump the milk and/or schedule the feeding time when you are no “on display”? Certainly, your decision to breastfeed is rare, especially among today’s Caeserian-Happy mothers, who view natural child birth as a discomfort and child-nourishment better left to Nestle’. I admire your willingness, but I wonder if a certain amount of the need to publicly display your hooters isn’t a bit of exhibitionism. I know plenty of guys that are watching you feed your child and thinking about “hittin’ that milf”, so to speak.

    Great Blog, by the way!

    • Hank

      I should wear a mask because on occasion I cough, sneeze, my nose sometimes drips, and I have drooled?
      Who is pissing and crapping in their clothes? Unless one has a bladder infection, urine is close to sterile. A drop of urine isn’t going to do any harm. Neither will a drop of semen that comes out. People who make a habit of crapping their pants aren’t going to be welcome anywhere.
      Primitive tribesmen who go naked except for penis covers wear the covers not for modesty but because naked penises flop around and can hit sharp objects, thorns, briars. Ouch!

  2. Your descriptions of secretions and imperfections are gut-wrenchingly accurate and I have no argument with people who want to avoid the unclothed for any reason: health concerns, aesthetic concerns or a healthy appetite that is easily ruined by sagging breasts and bums. My argument is not that everyone should embrace naturism (although I do) it is that seeing a female (or male) person walking down the street unencumbered by clothing should not be a reason to call the cops or justification for that person to be arrested. Make laws, if you must, to keep unclothed persons out of restaurants and off of public transportation (for exactly the health reasons you site) but laws are not really necessary since most private businesses already have ‘dress codes’ for their clients — but lets not make it a criminal offense to get naked!

    Thanks for reading and for the comment.


  3. Will

    Okay. Let’s take a look at those people who say that public nudity should be illegal. Many of these people believe that if you walk around naked, you are doing something that you will go to hell for. Well, supposing there is a God. If the first human was nude and we were made in God’s image, then God must be nude therefore, if the human race went naked in public, I think God would be pretty happy. Also, consider the possibility that there isn’t a God. The first human was naked so, when did we all become so opposed to our bodies? Who was this one person who said that public nudity is unholy and how come the entire world listened to this one guy?
    I live in a town in which public nudity is illegal. But here are some of the things I have seen throughout my life in this town.
    1. I was on a bikeride with my brother one time and we rode past an empty lot in which 12 or so kids ranging from 6 to 15 were playing softball in the nude – in the open day.
    2. I once drove past a preschool where everyone was running around naked. Yes, it is not such a big deal to see little kids nude but they still weren’t busted.
    3. I have been seen naked several times and no one has ever cared.
    So, what is the big deal?
    If you are ashamed of your body or have very sensitive skin, go around with your clothes on. But just because you think the human body is unholy does not make it so! It’s time to grow up. If this is America and we a nation founded on freedom of speech and expression, then why are we doing this? Why aren’t we allowing public nudity.
    Before I close, I just want to say a few more things.
    I do not support public sex, rape, or any other kind of acts in which someone could could seriously injured. If you get an erection when seeing a naked girl, which is actually very unlikely, because you are focusing more on your confidence than naked girls, cover yourself up with a towel.
    I am just one more American trying to make a case.

  4. Why should public nudity be legal it is because Humans are naked as a tree without non living things on them. When a tree has non living things on them they are dead. We should be able to have sex, and be nude publicly like a tree is nude,and has sex publicly, and be like God not giving guilt.

  5. Diolay

    Various body parts secrete fluids and should not be allowed in restaurants or public transport because of health issues and laws should be made to ensure everyone is covered up to prevent this.

    Hmmm. What about if you have a cold/flue or a cut? Does that mean that you should be banned from public transport and other places of trading too? What about if you just sneeze. Should yoube fined and jailed as well?

  6. Hank

    To ride on public transportation, just carry a towel to sit on, or wear an apron around back. Breasts, nipples, public bushes, vulvas, penises and scrotums are harmless.
    Men who wear pants aren’t ejaculating into their pants all the time. Naked men at nudist/naturist resorts don’t have permanent hardons, so it’s unlikely that they would if they are naked in public.
    Women who are naked are no more rapeable than clothed ones. If anything, pants pulled down to a woman’s knees are way more of an impediment to running, pushing or kicking than if she is naked or skirted.
    Taboos against nakedness are rooted in religion. Nudists and nackt-arians wear clothing for protection from the environment. Nudist absolutist fanatics who never under any circumstances wear any clothing are extremely rare.
    The idea that naked women who encounter naked (or, for that matter, clothed) men are no more likely to be assaulted and raped than clothed women. People would not change due to nakedness; women will always need to reduce risk by discretion in where and when they go, locking doors on their homes, locking car doors, just as clothed women have this burden now.
    Social pressure will continue to discourage total nakedness. There is no need to have naked people arrested, jailed, prosecuted, fined and imprisoned.

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