Community Creatures


The topic of this blog post
the poem: “Community Creatures”
is best presented with a rhyme
a rhyme, that is, which features

An invitation to peruse
by clicking on this LINK
the observations of a poet
that both entertain and make you think

My introduction, above, is presented with apologies to “real” poets everywhere, including the creator of the very clever verse titled: Community Creatures.

If you take just a very few minutes to read Community Creatures you will easily find yourself and/or your favorite group within at least one of its five stanzas. Solo bloggers, social bloggers, and those of you dedicated to or entranced by forums or wikis are all represented in a way that will surely make you smile and nod. We “creatures” have been captured!

Even if you normally ignore poetry, rhyme or free verse I really think you’ll enjoy Community Creatures.
. And while you’re there, click on the “Trails” link at the top of the page to find other cleverly rendered poems on your favorite topics.

This post is sponsored by Community Creatures


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