America’s Most Serious Threat?


The most serious threat to the American way of life may not be illegal immigration, job outsourcing, irresponsible government spending and taxation or even the threat of terrorism; the most serious threat to our way of life may be the threat illustrated by the fact that survey after survey shows that an alarming percentage of Americans have become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

According to a recent USA Today article titled Nationwide study: Drug use dips, but alcohol use on rise, SAMSHA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has conducted nationwide surveys that show that:

“Drug use nationwide dipped slightly from 8.1% to 8.02% in the previous study, while drug use in Alaska rose from 11.79% to 12.16%. One in 10 Alaskans said they smoked marijuana. Iowa had the lowest rate of illicit drug use, at 5.88%.”

Clearly we have a problem if 24 million of us (on average) are using drugs to get through the day and this problem takes on an even more threatening dimension when you realize that we are passing the habit on to our children . . . a recent survey showed that there are many middle and high school aged kids who show up to school either drunk or high on a regular basis.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers have sprung up around the country in response to the still manageable, but nonetheless devastating, problem of drug and alcohol addiction and one of the most successful of these is The Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center located in south central Michigan.

What makes Stone Hawk so successful is that they do not rely on outdated methods like counseling or medications to treat their patients . . . in fact the people who go to Stone Hawk are not considered patients; they are thought of and referred to as “students.” Stone Hawk students are in fact not being “treated” they are learning; learning to handle the stresses that originally pushed them into their unhealthy addictions.

This one brief, powerful statement from the Stone Hawk website tells you what Stone Hawk does and how they do it much better than I could:

“In short – we use the New Life Detoxification Program for drug detox (Saunas) to sweat the drugs (toxins) out of the body. Then we show the student what ethics are, they make the decision to change their life – we just direct them by showing them the path to freedom. Helping someone recognize their addiction and giving them the ability to end it – is what we are all about. It’s all about stopping, changing, and starting (a new life).

If you know someone who is trapped by an addiction and you care about that person, encourage him or her to get help and mention Stone Hawk, at least as one of their options.

This post was sponsored by The Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center


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