Gun-Free Zones = Happy Hunting Grounds


A lesson that Cho Seung-Hui should have taught us, between his bloody rampage through Virginia Tech and his snarling rantings on the self-promotional material he sent to NBC News, was that having a completely unarmed college campus (or any other “gun-free” zone) is an irresistible invitation to those mentally-ill few who are looking for a human shooting gallery.

Many Americans have a hard time understanding that: Armed is NOT necessarily Armed and Dangerous!!

In the case of Virginia Tech (or any other school shooting), if even a few of the teachers, administrators, maintenance personnel or other adult staff were allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus, its a very good bet that some of those 32 innocent victims would not have been needlessly slaughtered.

Guns in the hands of stable, rational adults who have been trained in their safe use are the best defense against this type of incident being ‘copy-catted’ in the future; and you know, as well as I do, that some deranged individual(s) WILL try the same thing somewhere else.

Our automatic reflex is to blame the guns for tragedies such as this weeks murders but we must all try to ‘wrap our minds’ around the irrefutable logic of two trite but true sayings;


These are not rallying cries for “gun nuts,” they are truths that, if taken to heart and put into action, will save many lives.

A law abiding citizen will never carry a gun into a gun-free zone such as a school and that leaves the school unprotected from the criminals and the deranged — those who WILL NOT HESITATE to carry weapons into those very same gun-free zones.

Ask yourself this: If you owned a gun and were trained to use it and had obtained a permit to carry it, would the population of your city or town have a need to worry about the fact that you had a gun?


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4 thoughts on “Gun-Free Zones = Happy Hunting Grounds

  1. Too true! – Thanks for posting this. As a result of your posting all I had to do was link to it. Saved me a lot of typing.

    Oh! by the way. I almost forgot to mention I agree with this posting 100%.

  2. prying1,

    Thanks for your glowing recommendation and your link from your blog. That headline you site in your post certainly is a good example of crappy journalism and is (sadly) funny.


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