The Convenient Way Not To Lose Money


I often stress personal accountability as one of the most important principles of American life and there may be no better practical, every-day example of personal accountability than wisely investing your money to maximize your returns on all your investments . . . even including your savings account.

There are many people who choose a savings account based upon the location of the bank, or on high ‘introductory’ interest rates or gifts (‘premiums’), or even just on name recognition; all these approaches may have advantages for some few individuals based on their circumstances but in most cases easy access, instant gratification or psychological comfort factors are just convenient ways to lose money.

Granted, there are so many banks to choose from and so many types of savings accounts it seems like a Herculean task for the average person to choose the best one for their individual needs, but there are ways to make the task far less daunting and here is one of them: is a great place to find honest and easily understandable information about savings account interest rates offered by premier banks such as Bank of America, Chase, Wachovia and a host of others; and the key words here are “easily understandable.” does not offer you ‘gobbledygook’ like many investment websites or the hyped-up versions of reality you may get on some banks own websites.

Kick that personal accountability into ‘high gear’ and, while you’re at it, do yourself a favor by getting the best interest rate you can on your savings . . . and it all starts right HERE. Maximizing your savings account interest rates is the convenient (and responsible) way for you to add to your personal wealth.

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