No More Incumbents . . . What a Concept!


I’ve always felt (and have ‘preached’ in my posts) that the majority of politicians care more about winning the next election than they do about doing the job they were elected to do. Before they became politicians . . . back when they were candidates for office . . . they were being driven by their dissatisfaction with the status quo, by their idealism and by their determination to serve the people by solving the problems that they clearly saw needed solving. Once in office, however, things changed rapidly.

When candidates become politicians, they find themselves in a world where they are virtually powerless to accomplish their goals or to make good on their campaign promises because they are now in direct competition with politicians who have been in their jobs for decades and who have, by virtue of that long service, the vested power and the contacts to accomplish their own objectives. These newly-minted politicians then have a choice: either kowtow to the old and powerful and accept that status quo that they got into office by fighting against, or become powerless non-entities with voices so small that they can’t be heard and will never be listened to.

Oh well, you say, that’s the way it is! That isn’t, however, the way it has to be!

Try this scenario on for size: In 2008, every Senator and Congressman running for reelection is defeated and replaced by a new face . . . a new face with idealism and new ideas, new faces who will have more power to implement their ideas because many of the old-time Washington power-brokers will be gone. Then, in the mid-term elections in 2010, the same thing happens. By 2011 we can have the “Hill” transformed into a place where politics-as-usual is a forgotten concept.

Now I know the first thing that comes to mind is we will have 100 inexperienced Senators and 400 and some inexperienced Representatives but when you consider that becoming “experienced” in Washington politics only means that you have become corrupted and have developed “special relationships” with ‘generous’ power brokers, you’ll understand that experience is not an asset (except to the “experienced” politician). Washington needs more dedication and idealism, it does not need more ‘experience.’

Now that you’ve been introduced to this new concept of Washington politics (actually this could easily also work on a state or city level just as well) I want to introduce you to a new blog: No More Incumbents Blog. The No More Incumbents Blog promotes the idea that I’ve been talking about and they are gearing up to run with it . . . and they needs your help.

What the No More Incumbents Blog needs is political writers who will sign on to provide regular political coverage and political perspectives of key races in their home states during the run-up to the 2008 elections. Naturally they would like these writers to have some level of dedication to the principle that power corrupts and therefore an incumbent politician has been at least partially corrupted.

They also want to hear your views on the other side of the issue: if you feel that multiple terms in office is somehow a good thing let them know about it and about why you feel that way.

One thing to keep in mind: This is a new website and it is actually in it’s pre-launch stages so don’t expect a lot of “bells and whistles” or catchy graphics — that will all come eventually but right now they need people who are willing to jump in on the ‘ground floor’ and help them grow.

Go over and take a look and see what you may be able to contribute.

What happens in 2008 will be vital to the future of this country. Our national budget is in disarray, our national defense is weak, our borders and port security are problematic and most of our politicians are on the virtual payroll of special interest groups. Do you want more of the same or might you be able to buy into the No More Incumbents concept?

This post was kindly sponsored by No More Incumbents Blog


2 thoughts on “No More Incumbents . . . What a Concept!

  1. Good idea I agree, and we should limit their time in office, as we do the president. Since their terms are limited to two years, limit the terms to four, after which they can not run again.

  2. Thanks for painting the picture of our ideal situation in your coverage of our site. It would be a beautiful thing to achieve, however we do recognize that change won’t happen over night so we are working to build up the campaign for the long haul.

    I’m preaching to the choir when I say that your voice on the internet can carry far and wide and have a serious impact. We are hoping to focus our voice and impact through NoMoreIncumbents to start out by promoting the underdogs and maybe take the edge that incumbents have down a level or two.

    Best Regards,

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