The Cancer in Conservatism


By Whymrhymer

Reportedly, three major advertisers have pulled their ads off of Ann Coulter’s website and at least one newspaper, the Mountain Press — a small Tennessee newspaper, announced today that it is dropping Ann Coulter’s weekly column because she referred to John Edwards as a “faggot”. They call Ms. Coulter’s comments “distasteful and irresponsible.”

Who but the most ardent supporters of Ms. Coulter could disagree with that?

A possible defense of Ann Coulter’s remark might be that making light of someone’s sexual preferences is, of course, not politically correct or even decent but when you call a married man who fathered four children a faggot you are obviously not referring to their sexual preference.

Senator Edwards, to be quite frank (and to be as politically incorrect as Ms. Coulter), does have a “pretty-boy” look and does affect certain effeminate mannerisms; and that is, of course, what Ann Coulter was referring to — his appearance and mannerisms not his actual sexual preference. This reference however, undoubtedly meant as a joke — just a throw-away line to get a laugh — certainly speaks volumes about Ann Coulter as well as about many of the politicians she supports in the “Religious Right” of the Republican Party. She and they have no tolerance for homosexuality and no respect for anyone who either is gay or is not homophobic. She and they would (and will), without a doubt, deny that charge — right up on the pulpit this coming Sunday — but anyone who would take their denial to heart probably feels pretty much the same way as they do.

Granted, as Mike Gallagher says in his defense of Ann Coulter (see links below) she is a commentator not a Senator but she is undeniably a spokesman for the Religious Right wing of the self-destructive Republican Party.

I’ve said it for years now and will say it again, the Religious Right has given (and will continue to give) Conservatism a bad name and will (as it already has begun to) destroy the Republican Party unless they cut that cancer out of their ranks. Religion belongs in church and in the community, not in the halls of Congress and social intolerance does not belong anywhere in a decent society.


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The Mountain Press: Weekly Ann Coulter column dropped by newspaper

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4 thoughts on “The Cancer in Conservatism

  1. Thanks for the comment you left at our site, friend. So
    very kind of you to do that. I also appreciate what
    you’ve said here. The so-called Conservative christian
    movement has really jacked things up for those of us
    who don’t particularly agree with what they say. I
    hate that the rest of the country thinks we’re all like
    that! Sheesh.

  2. The only cancer around here comes from Liberal-Lefty traitorous and spineless chickens who hate their country and set out to do seditious harm. You know, like the Democrats.

  3. Lance,

    You’re right the far-Left Liberals who hate our country and do everything they can to turn it into a Socialist state are a very serious “cancer” but, at least in my view, their counterparts in the Religious Right are every bit as dangerous to our society.

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