The Non-Lethal Self Defense Option


Among the news stories you might run across today, you may read about a man or woman who died while confronting police officers . . . police officers who used their tasers rather than their guns just to prevent what ultimately happened — the death of the perpetrator. What you may not read in the news today will be an account of police officers successfully subduing a violent citizen through the use of tasers; even though these incidents are far more prevalent than the ones that lead to the death of the perpetrator, the success stories are not considered news: “When it bleeds it leads” is, and probably always will be, the motto of the news business.

When a police taser kills a suspect it is, of course, possible that the incident was the fault of a scared or poorly trained police officer but more than likely, as in THIS recent story from the Palm Beach Florida Post, the death will be caused by illegal substances in the body of the “victim;” the same drugs that caused the behavior that led to a confrontation with the police in the first place.

A fact that we need to face is that we live in an increasingly violent world where, statistically, you and I have a greater chance of dying in a violent crime than we do in a car crash and our chance of being the victim of a violent crime some time in our lives is right around 50%; that’s right, the odds that we will become a victim of violence at some point in our lives are just about the same as the odds that we will not.

Isn’t it smart to do something to increase your odds of coming out of the almost inevitable violent confrontation without being hurt?

Most of us have an aversion to the thought of killing anyone, even in self defense; and if you are carrying a gun and are attacked, the chance that either your attacker or you will wind up dead is pretty good. The good news is that the options that the police use to avoid ‘deadly force,’ the use of a non-lethal weapon such as a Taser, a Stun Gun or Pepper Spray, are all options that are available to most* of us.

(* Some states: Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island, have blocked the sale of these self-defense devices to private citizens but, ironically make it possible for those same citizens to carry a gun.)

A site I’ve found that will provide you with virtually all you ever need to know about these non lethal self defense alternatives is Brickhouse Security.

Stun guns and Tasers are sure fire ways to stop an attack and may be preferred by some, but my personal recommendation for the ordinary citizen is Pepper Spray

2 oz Police/Home Pepper Spray

A Small can of pepper spray in your pocket, purse or pack is an incredibly effective (and inexpensive) way to stop an attacker in his tracks. By the way, don’t confuse real pepper spray with the stuff you may buy at the corner convenience store — some imitation pepper sprays will do nothing but irritate your attacker, real pepper spray, like that sold at Brickhouse, will immobilize him.

This post was generously sponsored by Brickhouse Security


2 thoughts on “The Non-Lethal Self Defense Option

  1. let us assume that you are running a self defense class for people who are not necessary full time martial arts athletes and the point of this class is to give them basic body movement skills that would be useful in a street self defense situation. How would you teach them to fall?
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    information for self defense and martial arts video to the articles

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