The Creeping Socialism of Barack Obama


Barack Obama is a powerful, eloquent, talented orator and he proved that today when, in front of the old state capital building in Springfield, IL, he announced his candidacy for president.

If you watched the speech or if you see it replayed you’ll note that he not only spoke eloquently, he spoke extemporaneously. You’ll also notice as you listen to his speech or read the transcript that he did not enter this race calling his opponents names, nor did he enter the race trumpeting the superiority of his Democratic Party over the Republican Party; he entered the race by rallying the crowd around the concept of a failing America that can, under his leadership, be made great again.

It is his chosen path for greatness that concerns me.

Ignoring, for the purpose of this post, Obama’s stance on the “War against terrorism” (and, specifically, his confused call for our immediate withdrawal from Iraq as the definitive answer to successfully fighting terrorism); Barack Obama has two especially dangeous ideas that relate to our day-to-day American life; ideas that tell all you need to know about Barack Obama.

Obama feels that stronger labor unions are essential to returning America to greatness.

Obama is so strongly pro-union that his call for stronger labor unions was one of the first important points he made in his speech. What he did not say, or even conceive of saying, is that unions have traditionally taken the role of adversary to American business and in that adversarial role they have hurt business and have done immeasurable damage to the American worker.

Labor unions have done many things that most Americans perceive as ‘good things’:they’ve forced increased wages, they’ve forced improved benefits and they have forced improved working conditions but while doing that they drove many companies to the brink of bankruptcy, have closed the doors of many more businesses and unwittingly gave birth to the concept of outsourcing, causing millions of American jobs to be lost to foreign countries.

When labor unions start being a force for positive change for both parties, for both the worker and the company, they will begin to be a force for good, but that is not likely to happen until our economy is so disastrously crippled that the workers themselves rebel against and disband the unions that created the disaster. (This is, in fact, already happening and that is why labor unions will, no doubt, pour money into Obama’s warchest; to regain the power that many American workers are now denying them.)

Obama feels that Universal Health Care is the answer to America’s health care problem.

He used the term “Universal Health Care” only once but the crowd heard it and the world heard it; and those around the world who now live under a system of universal healthcare are, no doubt, shaking their heads at our flirtation with the idea. Universal health care in Canada, for example, has those who can afford it flocking across the border on a daily basis to receive their health care in the United States. Why? Because under Universal Health Care they receive medical care that they consider substandard.

Consider this: Every country that has adopted universal health care has a “back door” for those who can afford to use it – it may be, like Canada, travel to a place where they can get healthcare that is tailored to their particular illness or, like England, it may be a private healthcare policy that allows them to see a doctor of their choice when they need to.

Also, if you think about it logically you’ll see that the United States already HAS a system that comes very close to the concept of Universal health care. We have private/premium healthcare for those who can afford the premium, we have HMOs and other health plans that provide excellent care for others who make a good income but aren’t rich and we have hospital emergency rooms and clinics that provide care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. If there are “holes” in the system (I’m not saying there are no problems) let’s patch the holes without destroying the system and let’s NOT turn health care into another government program. Let’s always bear in mind that the proper role of government is to protect our rights and freedoms, not to control our health care or any of our social institutions.

The United States achieved its greatness through the sweat and tears of individuals — individuals who worked hard to build better lives for themselves and their families. It is the private citizen, driven by the profit motive, that made this country great and who will help this country stay great. These two ideas that Obama introduced today as essential parts of his campaign for the presidency: more powerful, government-supported labor unions and universal health care are both ideas that reject individual freedom and Capitalism (individual rights), the two foundations of American life.

I can not and will never support a Socialist for President and Barack Obama, beneath the flowery prose and eloquent presentation, has announced his position as a creature with two too many socialist ideas.


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29 thoughts on “The Creeping Socialism of Barack Obama

  1. N. Sabre

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to post this interesting and useful article. I am writing an essay on creeping socialism for my disgustingly liberal English professor, and your comments have proved not only helpful, but insightful. Thank you again.

  2. David MacDonald

    THANK YOU. At first I support Barack, until I started paying closer attention. It is my duty as soldier to “Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign AND Domestic”. I’ve urged all my family members to not vote for Barack because of his socialist ideas. I hope this catches on soon!

  3. Thank you David:

    Thanks for your service, for putting yourself on the line to defend us against our enemies and for spreading the word about the evil that socialism represents. Thanks also for responding to this post.

    Barack has a rally going right now and may beat out Hillary for the Democratic nomination but after the conventions, when it’s Democratic socialism and military retreat vs. Republican common sense and self-defense, I think the Democratic contender will be squashed at the polls (at least I hope so for all our benefits).


  4. kiran

    I think this fake right wing conspiracy that you are talking about. Barack is not a socialist if that were true why would he have the endorsements of key democrats like the kennedy’s. Last I heard the kennedy’s were responsible for great help with medical leave acts and medical insurance that protects pregnant women. So this is the kind of lies that makes america really backwards. grow up . Barack is not going to enslave white people, stop the fearmongering and get over it. it’s time to move forward for America. barack is going to win. sorry republicans

  5. They endorse because they care about their social and polital futures. If democrats don’t support other democrats (no matter how much their personal views differ) they will lose their standing (and ultimately their money) in the democrat assembly. Just look at how Biden sold out. His views were closer to McCains, and here he is Obama’s VP.

  6. Kregv

    Very well done! I have been researching Obama for quite sometime and I have been immensely impressed with his ability to captivate and inspire. I have been extremely open to the idea of casting my vote his direction. The only remaining ingrediant for me was to hear something tangible about where he will take this country. Unfortunately the more I have listened, watched, searched and probed the more I have been made keenly aware of his socialist bent or the assertion of it as we move increasing nearer the election. I am not so sure whether he is actually socialistic personally or it is just what he believes he needs to be in order to win. Nevertheless, that is indeed what he is peddling in my opinion. Such Barackian concepts as “Economic Justice” is evidence enough, yet keep searching his own words and much more materializes. Im not sure why people keep pointing at his citizenship, racial percentages, affiliations with questionable people, Michelle’s negative oratory leanings or any other issue that seems to get more attention out there. The real concern that I have is this one. While my country is not doing as well as I would want at the moment on several issues including racism and health care, as a constant traveler I am still vastly proud of the US and hopeful of our future. I would love to see a black President. But I would also love to see an Asian president, Hispanic president, Native American president or any other ethnic possibility. leading my country just so long as he/she is fully qualified to do so. He himself stated as he was entering his political career in 2004 that he was in no way interested in running for president in 2008 because he was a firm believer that someone must be fully qualified for a job before he applies for it, which he was not yet. That speaks volumes dont you think


  7. Dana

    first of all:
    the comment from “N Sabre” was a fucking joke.

    “my discustingly liberal english professor”

    I am a liberal.

    You may perhaps be a conservative.

    but that does not in anyway mean you are in a position to put down others for their view points.
    you arent anymore right than anyone else, period.

    people like that truely discust me.

  8. Dana,

    Don’t get so uptight! It’s a political discussion and everyone has an opinion.

    You say: “the comment from “N Sabre” was a fucking joke.” I’m sure he was not joking!

    And when you claim that “you arent anymore right than anyone else, period” You’re assuming that he isn’t — no one will know who is “right” about Obama until (and if) he is elected.

  9. Kylelee

    America has spoken and despite the republicans attempt at striking fear in the hearts of the voters, Obama is now our 44th president. I’m confident he will get the job done, and I’m proud of my country for not falling for the cheap tricks that were thrown at them. I’m glad my country has matured enough to elect a man of African decent to the office of president. It shows that Barack has true vision and leadership which is why the American public was able to overcome their prejudices to vote him into office.
    Finally, Barack is NOT a socialist. His idea of putting a heavier tax burden on the rich only makes sense. He is not taking their money and giving it to the poor. He only wants to lessen the burden on individuals who are struggling right now. The rich will not become poor and the poor will not become rich. The rich will stay rich and the poor will have more of an opportunity achieve their dreams.

  10. Mol Bro

    I’ve gone to Canada, France, and England and done extensive interviews with random patients from many of the hospitals and clinics, and the results were staggering. A vast majority of the men and women were very happy with their health care, and were dumbfounded by the US health system. Although many Americans say that the medical machinery is not up to par in countries under the Universal health care system, i found that to be untrue in almost all cases. I am not arguing with your views, I just want to make sure you understand what you are writing about before influencing others.

  11. Hahah.

    It never ceases to amaze me how those against the idea that EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE HEALTH CARE are those who use hyperbole and jargon and blanket statements to prove that not everyone DESERVES THE LUXURY OF BEING HEALED.

    Jesus, I don’t know what kind of world you live in. The worker only gained the power to create for himself after unions, thus empowering the common man to demand pay that allowed him to purchase, to earn borrowing power and to protect himself if he were injured and couldn’t work. In your post, you highlight all of the benefits of the working-class union, and then simultaneously, within the same post, talk about how unions are bad! Jesus christ man, you have no beginning, no end, no intro and certainly, no point.

    Unions, which empowered the American middle class to work and earn, are the bane of the American middle class?

    Sorry, I could go on for weeks about how stupid your post was.

  12. JClarkeT

    You know, I was born in and live in Canada and I always find it funny the way that some Americans try to inject fear into their fellow U.S. citizens when it comes to universal health care.

    I have never been denied health care in my life. If I am sick, I go see a doctor without fear of going into debt (some else a lot of Amercians can not say). I have always been happy with any treatment that I have received. I’ve never paid a cent for my health care and have had 2 major operations, several broken bones, etc…

    These “back door policies” that you talk of? Canada is a free, democratic country. If one of it’s citizens wants to go to another country to receive what think may be better care than they can get at home, then so be it. Who’s going to stop them? Just because we have universal health care doesn’t mean that we live in the Soviet Union. So, I’m not quite sure how that is a back-door policy? The government provides us with health care but they don’t control our lives because of it. That being said, I’m 30 years old and have never met one Canadian that has gone to another country for treatment.

    I’m not sure why there is such a huge fear of universal health care in the States? What is everyone so afraid of? I mean, isn’t health care for everyone a good thing?

    There are some things that should follow the rules of capitalism. Health is not one of them, in my opinion. You’re essentially putting a price tag on someone’s health (and therefore their life). You’re saying that if someone can afford health care, they’ll get it. If not, they just have to suffer and die? So, if someone is poor they don’t deserve the same care that someone is rich can get? Is that truly the way you see the world? I mean, sure, if someone works hard and/or has a lot of money then they definitely deserve to have nice things, ie; big house, fancy car, etc… But do they really deserve better medical care? So some kid born into an L.A. ghetto develops a tumor in his brain at the same time as some rich old guy in Beverly Hills. The rich old guy gets the best treatment promptly and efficiently and lives out the rest of his life while the kid whose parents can’t afford to put him in a hospital dies? Is that how it works?

  13. Norwegian

    I thought it was about time someone told you the truth;
    Obama is not a socialist. Universal Health Care is not socialism.

    And, the reform Obama is speaking of is a brilliant idea. I come from Norway, a country with a well developed healt care system, and I don’t think we’re considered to be socialist by the outside world? If so, I ask you to get rid of your Cold-War-syndrome, and stop turning your back on a plan that can help the people of USA.

    You americans allready have a bad reputation in Europe. Don’t make it worse by denying your fellow americans health care. It’s working perfectly fine in Norway, and we dont march around with posters of our prime minister with a Hitler mustache.

    For us norwegians, reading about how you protest is hilarious. You have absolutely no idea. You’re missing out! As the canadian said: Just because we have universal healt care doesn’t mean that we live in the soviet union. The government does not controle us. We are as free as you are. And our economy is doing quite well. And if we were to get sick, the only thing we have to do is show up at the hospital and we’ll get all the help we need, no matter how much money we have. Without leaving the country! What a luxury!

    Reading about people being denied health care in the worlds most powerful country is incredible. The fact that a child can die while her mother is searching for a hospital that will help them, is disturbing. Hearing stories about people who has lost their jobs because of the financial crisis, and who have an illness, that can’t afford going to the hospital, is heart breaking.

    We’re beyond the days of “every man for him self” It’s about time you realize this. It’s 2009, not 1940.

    • Hi,

      I appreciate your comment and apologize for not responding more promptly.

      “Universal Health Care” may work well for some or even most people in Norway and other countries but that is not really the point. The United States of America is supposed to be a country that controls the government — not vice versa. Our president is indeed a socialist and even worse a neo-Marxist/Statist. His vision of the United States is a country controlled by its government — to real Americans, that idea will not fly.

      Obama’s Universal Healthcare proposal is so wrong that, as you will read in some publications, it will not be shown to the American public until after it is passed into law.

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