St. Petersburg – The Sunshine City


St. Petersburg’s claim to 360 days of sunshine each year has earned it it’s nickname of “The Sunshine City.” For that reason, the city is a popular tourist destination, not only for millions of travelers from the United States but for people from around the world. In 2005, for example, almost 200,000 visitors arrived in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area on international flights — 73,000 of them were from England but Canada and Brazil weren’t far behind in the numbers.

Were they all there for the sunshine? Doubtful! St. Petersburg has many other attractions. For example St. Pete has the largest city marina in the United States, with 234 miles of waterfront property, 35 miles of beachfront and hundreds of resorts, motels, hotels and, of course condos; property in Florida is a very sensible investment if you plan on making it a regular vacation spot.

No slouch on intellectual opportunities either, St. Petersburg is the home of the Salvador Dali Museum; the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts; and the Florida International Museum. Another educational opportunity is taking an Art Gallery Walk sponsored by the Downtown Arts Association (DAA); over 20 galleries participate and they feature receptions and special events.

“The Pier” in St. Petersburg is a whole world unto itself. The Pier juts out a mile from the waterfront and is the center of shopping, dining and recreation in St. Petersburg. Inside you’ll find the Aquarium along with a winery, shops, restaurants, a food court, live music and plenty of fun events for the whole family. The Pier is also the jumping-off point for excursions such as Duck Tours and catamaran trips. You may also find the HMS Bounty (the one used in the 1962 MGM movie starring Marlon Brando) docked at The Pier.

Warning: St. Petersburg family vacations are highly addictive!

This post was generously sponsored by: Florida Adventure


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