Paradise for Cell Phone Crazies


Cell phone crazies! That’s what we’ve all become, I know that and you know that but is that a bad thing? It can be but it doesn’t have to be!

We have some nearly unbelievable convenience and technology right there, literally, in the palm of our hand. We have the ability to communicate in so many different ways with our friends, family, associates and with places where we do business. What’s wrong with that? Not a thing . . . except that there are:

Too Many Choices!

Are there too many cell phone service providers, too many cell phone service plans, too many options and too many phone to choose from, or does it just seem that way?

Well if it seems that way to you its because you haven’t found the one place that shows you all of your choices and lets you pick what’s right for you. Right there at your keyboard and while you’re still in your PJs.

Paradise for cell phone crazies is at: WIREFLY.COM. Wirefly is an authorized Internet retailer for ALL of the major providers and they make it super easy to choose the right provider, plan and equipment for you, wherever you live.

Look over at the left side of the screen and you will see that you have three ways to shop:

Shop by Carrier: Enter your Zip Code and the next screen will show you every carrier that services your area, select your favorite carrier and the next screen shows you every service plan they offer in your area.

Shop by Phone: Enter your Zip Code, pick your phone on the next screen and you’ll be shown who offers that phone and all the details.

Shop by Service Plan: This one is the BEST for those of us who are just plain confused by all the offerings. Enter your Zip Code and you’ll have a comprehensive list of all the major carriers and their plans for your location.

If that isn’t enough to drive you to WIREFLY.COM, how about free cell phones. There are several Free Phone offers if you sign up for service with a provider and all of them are there when you click on the link! Just scroll down the page.

Other things you should know about WIREFLY.COM: They have unbeatable prices, free shipping (via FedEx) and a satisfaction guarantee; that means FREE return shipping if you are not satisfied.

Need I say more? Yes!

Use Your Cell Phone Responsibly

When I referred to us (always including myself) as “Cell Phone Crazies” it was a light-hearted reference to what we CAN become if we let the fun and convenience turn into an obsession.

Two things to remember:

  • Be considerate: Cell phones allow you to talk to anyone wherever they are whenever you feel like talking to them so its easy to forget that there are real people on the other side of that cell phone connection; and there are times when a casual phone conversations may be in inconvenience. If you think the person you are calling may be involved in something that would make your call inconvenient, text before you talk! A simple text message “call me whn U can” will be welcome anytime!
  • Using a cell phone can make driving a car dangerous: Yea, I know we all do it but we all know we shouldn’t be doing it as often as we do. Drivers talking on cell phones have caused too many accidents and while an accident is always inconvenient it can sometimes be far more serious than an inconvenience.

This post, if you haven’t guessed it yet, was generously sponsored by Wirefly, run by Inphonic,


3 thoughts on “Paradise for Cell Phone Crazies

  1. JacV

    Nice article, too bad they don’t do Tracfone prepaid wireless. Still my preferred choice when you consider all the factors eg. price of handsets, minutes and coverage.

  2. I’ve loaded your website in 3 totally different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Would you mind e-mailing me the company name of your hosting company? My personal email is: I will even sign up through your affiliate link if you’d
    like. Thanks

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