Introducing Supplementology — A New Religion


As one who could never truly ‘buy into’ any of the world’s religions (as I understood them) I had to take a serious look when I heard of Supplementology and then jumped at the opportunity to present it to you! Why? Because it comes extremely close to the ‘truth’ as I perceive it to be.

If you go to you will find that the entire concept of Supplementology can be expressed with nine concepts (in the writings on Supplementology, these are called “nine norms”). If you are a devout follower of Christianity or some similar religion these nine norms may shock you but if you are like me, a skeptic, you’ll find that Supplementology’s norms remove much of the mysticism from religion and bring it a lot closer to earth.

A very brief summary of each of the nine norms in my own words follows. If my paraphrasing interests you, go to for a more complete explanation.

  1. Man has been given free will, it is the productive or unproductive use of that free will that directs our destiny; not divine intervention.
  2. Praying to a supreme being may make you feel better but it is your actions that will provide results, not your prayers.
  3. The religious principles presented in the scriptures are little understood and often abused; Supplementology is needed to create a workable understanding of these religious principles against backdrop of our understanding of how the world works.
  4. Children are our future; as parents or caretakers of children we should be totally focused on their needs and on their proper education.
  5. “God” will not make you rich or happy, that’s up to you; neither does accumulated wealth alone bring joy to your life unless you have a good spirit and take full responsibility for your actions.
  6. Supplementology does believe in the eternal life of the spirit but it also believes that this life is the real Heaven or Hell — depending on what you make of it.
  7. Man lives best when he lives as a spiritual being as much (or more) than as a material being. The spirtual side of man helps him overcome material weaknesses.
  8. Supplementology believes in the immortal (eternal) spirit — a spirit that does not die when the material being dies.
  9. Supplementology believes that God’s function in the universe is to bring light, love, mercy and faith to mankind while Satan’s function is to test (challange) the body, the mind and the spirit.

Hopefully I’ve given you a palatable taste of Supplementology and made you curious to read more and read about the very interesting genesis of this religion.

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