Conservatism With a Prefix . . . Isn’t


Fresh perspectives by: Whymrhymer

This weeks spectacle of hundreds of thousands of “Religious Conservatives” and “Social Conservatives” descending upon Washington to March against a woman’s right to choose, should be repulsive to “genuine” Conservatives. Not, however, because these activists are speaking out! They have that right!

They have the absolute right, these anti-abortion activists, to speak out against those who do not share their values and the absolute right to encourage everyone else to join them in their value system and to scorn those who do not.

Let us, however, be clear about one thing: the purpose of this “March for Life” was NOT to ‘discourage’ abortions or speak out against them, the sole purpose of the march was to (again) attempt to force Federal legislation that would, in the majority of cases, take the abortion option away from all Americans and THAT is what should be repulsive to genuine Conservatives.

A law that dictates what medical procedure a woman can and cannot have, when that law is based solely on a religious belief system and not on the state of medical technology or on the safety of the woman, is a law that blesses the de facto marriage of religion and government; a law that, in cruder terms, spits in the face of anyone who believes in personal freedom and in the Constitution.

Abortion (along with the other ’cause celebre,’ same sex marriage) is wrong in the eyes, hearts and minds of a majority of Americans because the majority of Americans have been steeped in religious doctrine that teaches that these things are wrong. I certainly do not intend to tell anyone that his or her religious beliefs are wrong (as long as they are legal) but to mandate those religious beliefs as the law of the land corrupts the founding documents that earned America its reputation as the ‘land of the free.”

In this country everyone has the right and the freedom to live their lives with their own traditional or non-traditional values, raise their children with their values, choose friends who share their values and speak out for their values. It is not the “right” however of any American or any legislative body to force a set of social values on every American citizen — that is not the intent or function of our government.

A true Conservative cherishes and defends the documents that were created to guide the American Republic: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and its Bill of Rights. As I see it, Social and Religious Conservatives (and other Conservatives with prefixes) are moral elitists who are intent upon shredding our founding documents in the name of self-aggrandizement.


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2 thoughts on “Conservatism With a Prefix . . . Isn’t

  1. lexetlibertas

    Eh . . . I don’t know. The founding documents are certainly not inimical to the creation of laws informed by morality, religious or otherwise. Do conservatives try to impose their morals on society? Of course they do; that’s precisely what law is: the imposition of some sort of morality on a people, whether that morality be religious, secularist, libertarian, atheistic, liberal, etc.

    Anytime one makes a statement (express or tacit) that one should or ought to do something, one is exercising a moral judgment. To say that someone ought not impose their morality on you is itself a moral judgment.

    And so it seems to me that if conservative policies are to be criticized, they must be on two grounds: their constitutionality and their morality. Not everything constitutional is moral, and not permitted by the Constitution is in fact moral; the Constitution leaves quite a bit to the States, and is itself open to amendment.

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