Eagle Optics


We interrupt this blog for a commercial message from EagleOptics.com; and, personally, I’m happy to have them as a sponsor. I’ve always loved optics of all kinds and that’s just what they have, optics of all kinds!

Need binoculars? Eagle has all the best; and pay attention to that last word “best.” These are not the binoculars you’ll find at the big box stores, these are from the finest manufacturers of binoculars in the world and they have them all from Alpen to Zeiss; and the prices on most models will also be the best you’ll find anywhere. Be sure to also check out the Bushnell Digital Binoculars with a digital camera built into the binocular! The price will blow you away!

Need a spotting scope? Again only the best for Eagle Optics customers: rugged, compact, lightweight, waterproof and even digital with names like Bushnell, Audubon, Nikon and Swarovski.

Of course you’ll find tripods and accessories in every price range along with a great selection of books for birders and apparel and other gear for all outdoorsmen . . . and speaking of prices, you don’t want to miss clicking on the “Hot Deals”tab at the top of the main page.

Then, after you’ve browsed and are ready to buy, Eagle Optics customer service will delight you as much as the selection and, as a deal closer, they are offering 90 days free financing on all orders over $200.

Check these folks out and you’ll think you went to binocular heaven!

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog!

This post, in case you missed it, was sponsored by EagleOptics.com


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