The “N-Word” Flap


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The Reverend Jessie Jackson knows what he wants! Rev. Jackson wants the “N-word” banned from the entertainment industry and additionally, to “punish” comedian Michael Richards for his “N-word” outburst in response to some black hecklers during a performance at an LA comedy club, Jackson wants everyone to stop buying and renting the latest Seinfeld DVD.

What the Reverend Jackson doesn’t want, however, is for the entire Michael Richards episode to go away . . . as it should have by now. Reverend Jackson loves it in the ‘limelight’ and loves to have a “cause” that will keep him there. But at least, to the Rev Jackson’s credit, he’s just after the publicity, not like Attorney Gloria Allred.

Gloria Allred also knows what she wants and what she wants is money. Gloria Allred is the legal council for the two gentlemen who Richards insulted. Ms. Allred generously wants to avoid a lawsuit against Richards so she has suggested that Michael Richards and her two clients (Frank McBride and Kyle Doss) voluntarily appear before a retired judge in a binding arbitration setting so the judge can hear the facts and assess damages. Ms. Allred has said that her clients “deserve compensation” for the emotional pain they suffered.

At that point in the story, Richard’s two “victims” lost ALL my sympathy.

To quote columnist Kathleen Parker in a recent column:

“From his comments, we might conclude that Richards is a rage-filled jerk whose character seems most compatible with the south end of the alimentary canal. Nevertheless, if we start attaching monetary reparations to insults, the country will soon be bankrupt.”

Richards screwed up on stage and he showed the world that he (like his character Kramer) is kinda’ screwed up in his head; but he has apologized over and over and over again for his outburst and his apology was to much larger audiences than the one who heard the original insults. This affair should “cost” Richards but that cost should be from cancellations of future bookings and public scorn not from blackmail by Allred and her clients.

Let’s all individually decide, right now, whether we will forgive Richards for his overt display of prejudice and bad taste or if we will punish him by never listening to another word he utters. Then lets just drop it! Too much time, ink and bandwidth has been devoted to one bad moment on stage by a third-rate comedian.


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5 thoughts on “The “N-Word” Flap

  1. I completely agree. There’s nothing worse than people going after a quick buck just because someone who has money screwed up. There was no emotional distress here.

    You’re right on point with Jackson as well. I’ve never seen someone so eager to push his face in front of a camera every time a racial issue comes up. He’s done it so many times, that his mere presence turns any event into a racial issue.

  2. THE REAL SCOOP Official Website

    I don’t think this has gone down the right way at all. Now, I can understand a joke….. but, the way he forcefully used those words of hate, he was dead WRONG! And even though he has apologized (and I use that word losly) the nation know how he feels.

  3. Reportcard, thanks for reading and commenting — apparently we are of like mind on many issues.

    Real Scoop,

    Thanks to you also for taking the time to comment. Agree! He WAS dead wrong to say what he said — rage does that sometimes as well as alcohol (re: Mel Gibson), it brings your inner feelings to the surface. And because, as you point out, the nation now knows the real Michael Richards he will have lost a good number of fans and, let’s be honest, he probably gained a good number of fans who share his inner rage.

    People are what they are. We ALL have some predjudices but the vast majority of us have them under control enough to keep them away from the eyes and ears of others.


  4. THE REAL SCOOP Official Website

    Thank you for reading it…. I like “Kramer” I don’t know about Michael Richards the person. A person should know that their prejudice when they have to say “I love Black people and I have many friends that are black.” If he does have many friends that are black then he would’ve never said anything to those people or Not have went so far with it because he would’ve know how his friends would feel……

  5. I saw on television that recently one of the Wayan Bros. (Damon Wayans) is being banned from the same club Michal Richards was heard saying racist remarks from.
    Mr. Wayans is banned because of using the “N” word also. In my opinion. I feel that the word should never be used whether you are black or white. It is very derrogatory and hurtful. That’s judt my opinion.


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