Rep. Rangel’s Draft Proposal: A Seriously Good Idea


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When U.S. Representative Rangel went on Face The Nation on Sunday and dropped his ‘let’s reinstate the draft bombshell,’ I don’t think he expected that so many people would believe he was serious. Rangel, sly old fox that he is, made his proposal to reinstate the draft as a jab at all the legislators who support the Iraq war as well as those who are promoting military options to combat threats by Iran and North Korea. He want’s them to see what he perceives to be the inevitable result of a military stretched to and beyond its limits.

A serious proposal or a political ploy, either way, Rangel has started (or re-started) a National debate on the draft that has both the supporters and detractors of the draft pulling out their best arguments and that’s a healthy thing for America.

“Young people (would) commit themselves to a couple of years in service to this great republic, whether it’s our seaports, our airports, in schools (or) in hospitals. — Rangel on Face The Nation”

I am heartened by the number of Americans who see the benefits of a mandatory period (most say two years) of military service or public service by every American as he or she graduates from High School and before starting college or that first full-time job. No deferments except for serious health concerns!

The concept that the benefits of being an American comes with an obligation has long been removed from our society and we are worse off for it. Too many Americans have grown, in a civic sense, to be fat, lazy and self-important. Too many Americans seem to feel that they owe nothing to America but, just the opposite, that America owes them a good life.

I join those who think that Rangel’s proposal (or ruse) is a seriously good idea. A mandatory period of either military service or service in some position that benefits greater society is one way to start a cycle that will eventually bring America back to the proud society it once was; and with pride comes strength.

To those who would rather leave the country rather than serve it: Bye!


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2 thoughts on “Rep. Rangel’s Draft Proposal: A Seriously Good Idea

  1. Jimbo Jones

    “Young people (would) commit themselves to a couple of years in service to this great republic, whether it’s our seaports, our airports, in schools (or) in hospitals. “- Read: IRAQ. I’ll fight to the death to DEFEND this land, so kiss my ass, I’m not killing/getting killed for your gas prices and Middle Eastern market foot-hold. And since that’s what this is all about, (you changed your article, but) yeah, I guess I DO deserve socialized health care and a reasonable crime rate; that, and a government that doesn’t spy on me, steal from me, torture, etc.

  2. If I was fresh out of High School and believed your version of “what this is all about” (“gas prices and Middle Eastern market foot-hold”) I’d probably take a two-year hitch doing social service and then work like hell to elect a president and a congress that would get us out of the middle-east fast.

    Here’s a surprise for you, I don’t think that we should have soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq either! I think President Bush has sacrificed many lives to accomplish a mission that is based on his personal beliefs rather than one that is based on the good of the country. But I also believe that this is a great country and I think I would be foolish to go elsewhere just because we have a President with screwed-up priorities.

    Good luck Jimbo!

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