Farmers Branch, TX: English Only Please


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From its name, you would picture Farmers Branch as a one-stoplight town far away from the big city lights and that is what it once was back in the mid-1800s when the city was first established. Today, however, Farmer’s Branch is a well-established gateway community to Dallas, Texas that boasts shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, corporate headquarters’ for more than 75 national companies and private homes and apartment complexes for it’s nearly 28,000 full-time residents.

Farmers Branch, as of this week, also has bragging rights to a first for the state of Texas; the six-member Farmers Branch City Council just unanimously passed a three-tiered law that makes English the city’s only language, provides for fines for property owners who rent to illegal aliens and allows the city’s police force to work with immigration officials to target criminal aliens. Needless to say, Farmers Branch’s 10,000 plus Spanish-speaking residents are upset.

The new laws targeting illegal immigrants and establishing English as the city’s only official language were the brain-child of Farmers Branch city councilman Tim O’Hare. O’Hare proposed the measure as both a cost-saving measure, because city literature and documentation will now only have to be produced in English rather than Spanish and English, and as a way to save the tax dollars that are spent on public services for illegal aliens. O’Hara states his case very plainly:

“I think the goal we are trying to achieve is to keep illegals out of Farmers Branch and keep Farmers Branch from being an attractive place for illegal aliens to move. I believe the things we passed will achieve that goal.”

There will be law suits, they are expected and even welcomed as a test of this type of legislation. There are nearly fifty communities across the nation who are considering the type of legislation Farmers Branch has just passed and are watching very closely to see how it turns out. One community in particular, Hazleton, Pa., has already passed even stricter measures that not only do what the Farmers Branch law does but also provides fines for companies who hire illegal aliens; that was also considered by Farmers Branch but was put on hold until their basic law passes court tests.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has sued Hazleton, putting enforcement of their laws on hold pending trial, and they will sue Farmers Branch, that is a given. Hector Flores, a member of LULAC’s board of directors says:

“We will see Farmers Branch in court! That’s the bottom line.”

Why, you may ask yourself, is the League of Latin American Citizens so interested in protecting non-citizens? Is it a humanitarian gesture or are they actually proposing, as some Hispanic groups have suggested, that the United States has no right to have borders; no right to stop anyone from coming in (especially if they are Hispanic)? Do they not understand that all legal citizens are negatively impacted by illegal immigration or do they just not care?

The facts are clear! The United States has a right to borders and the Federal Government has a duty to its citizens to protect those borders — these are uncontestable facts. If our Federal Government cannot stop the endless flow of illegals (as it has proven that it cannot) it has to be up to our towns, cities, counties and states to do it. In the end, any court or judge that denies this right is neither properly serving justice or serving the citizens of the United States.

“Be not intimidated… nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice. — John Adams


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10 thoughts on “Farmers Branch, TX: English Only Please

  1. Congratulations to Farmers Branch, a city that has made sense out of the illegal immigration problem in this country. Here’s hoping that other cities follow their lead, using their laws as a model on how to do it right.

    I see the leagal immigrant community divided on this issue. Those that are against illegals coming into this country recognize that everyone should work just as hard as they did to acheive legal status before immegrating. I’ve found that those legal immigrants who support illegal immigration usually have one or more family members in the country illegally.

  2. reportcard,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I don’t know the statistics but you are probably right. I can see that most legal immigrants who do not oppose illegal immigration will probably have an ulterior motive for their positions — and what better motive than protecting an illegal family member.

    In all fairness I would imagine that there are some legal immigrants who are not opposed to illegal immigration because they just feel sorry for the illegals and understand the sub-standard living conditions that brought them here.

    That brings up a point I should have stated in my post, let’s not blame the illegals, the bame falls on their governments and our government; theirs for creating the conditions that drive their citizens out and ours for not securing our borders.

  3. Whymrhymer,

    All very good points. It’s interesting you mention our border security. My latest post deals with just that. By the way, did you know that Saudi Arabi is moving ahead with plans to contruct a fence along their Iarqi boarder…to keep Militant Islamic and Illeagal Immigrants out?

  4. California tried something similar a few years back, Proposition 87, I think it was called. It was intended to deny illegal aliens access to tax-funded services, like public schools and the like. There was a huge outcry by the Hispanic community, they called the Proposition “racist” and “anti-Hispanic.” I couldn’t figure out what part of “illegal” they didn’t understand, since it would apply to illegal aliens from ANY country, not just Mexico (California’s illegal immigrant population includes many other nationalities than just Mexican).

    The voters approved it by a respectable margin and it was immediately challenged in the courts, where it was pretty quickly thrown out. Wonder how Fresno’s school system, which apparently has been virtually bankrupted in its attempts to provide education to the children of illegals (whose parents do not pay into the tax base that provides the funding for the schools), would be faring if they did not have to educate these kids.

    Another aspect that needs to be addressed by the government: children born in the US of illegal aliens are citizens. That needs to change. If a child is born to people who are legally in the country…even if they are just tourists…then I can see an argument for extending citizenship. But why reward…indeed, LURE…illegals to the States with the promise of US citizenship (and eligibility for welfare) if they can just get there in time for the birth (a situation I understand has caused at least one Brownsville, TX hospital to have serious financial hardships as women show up in their ER in labour, give birth to a brand new US citizen in their maternity ward, then leave without paying the bill).

    Ordinarily I lean to the liberal side of American politics, but in this case, I’m firmly in the conservative camp. Let immigrants enter the same way my ancestors did…with proper paperwork and within the law…or they can just stay home.

  5. GeorgiaFox

    My grandparents landed on Ellis Island in the early 1900’s. Maybe the hospitals should have a policy to show your ID before being admitted. Wouldn’t bother me one bit. No papers? Gee, go have that kid in the street. Oops….Did I say that? Well, why not? I’m a taxpayer and I’m tired of supporting these folks! You want an education here? Sure, where’s your ID? Roust the National Guard – Get some trucks and just start picking them up. It could be just that simple, and damn the red tape!

  6. oscar

    Top 10 employers in Farmers Branch

    1. IBM
    2. JP Morgan
    3. Dallas Semiconductoor
    4. GEICO
    5. Cingular Wireless
    6. TD Industries
    7. Tuesday Morning
    8. Essilor Labs
    9. Monitronics
    10. Fannie MAE

    Are these companies anti-immigrant? Anti-hispanic? Ant-Mexican American? As is Farmers Branch where their offices are located?

  7. Oscar,

    Please get your facts straight! Farmers Branch is not anti-immigrant, anti-hispanic or ant-Mexican-American, they are anti-ILLEGAL immigrant no matter where they come from — as YOU should be! If you like invaders so much just keep the door open to your home and feed, cloth and otherwise support whoever wanders in. That’s what the US has done and its about damn time they closed the friggin’ door.

    All of our families started as immigrants, but the vast majority of them got here because they did the paperwork and paid whatever other price it took to get here LEGALLY. (I’m not dumb enough to think that every U.S. citizen’s family started out legal — some got lucky — it happens).

    As to the top 10 companies in Farmers Branch, not one of them discriminates against LEGAL immigrants — there’s that word again, the one you don’t seem to understand: LEGAL!!!

  8. By the way Oscar, I hope you come back to read this — if you had listed an e-mail address or blog I’d gladly come to you and offer a dictionary — one that defines LEGAL!.

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