Navajo Nation Votes Today For a Female President


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The Navajo Nation is a nearly-soverign nation within our Nation that covers 27,000 square miles and extends into Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The Navajo Nation, originally established by treaty in 1868, now has a population of over a quarter million and a central government that oversees the land use and the establishes laws. Today that nation may break tradition and elect it’s first female president. Tradition, however, is nearly sacred to many Navajos and Navajo tradition dictates a certain role for the female . . . a role that makes Lynda Lovejoy’s ascension to the presidency very unlikely.

The current president of the Navajo Nation is Joe Shirley Jr. ( bio. During his first four-year term as president he has focused on economic opportunity for the Navajo Nation which, although a rich nation in resources, now has an unemployment rate hovering around 50%. He hopes, if he wins reelection, to build six casinos on Navajoland to provide employment opportunities for thousands of Navajo.

It is almost ironic that Lynda Lovejoy ( bio, who’s biggest opponent in this presidential race may be Navajo tradition, is more of a traditionalist than President Shirley. While Shirley is opting for a much needed economic ‘shot in the arm’ for the Navajo nation Lovejoy’s platform and appeal to the voters is focused on giving the Navajo people a bigger voice in government and more control over the Nation’s resources, improving law enforcement, improving education, protecting the land and water resources of the Nation, creating jobs and providing a safety net for older Navajo.

The race for President in the Navajo Nation, the three-way race between a male, a female and tradition, may, to many, prove to be as exciting as many that will be covered on the major networks tonight — it is certainly as important to the citizens of that Nation of Original Americans.


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