Democrats are Preparing for November 8th


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The Democrats, with the help of the main-stream media, are laying the groundwork for a spate of charges that “traditionally Democratic voters” were denied access to the polls on November 7th because of new, tougher voter-ID laws in many states. That’s not exactly how this Washington Post article titled: “Democrats Predict Voter ID Problems” presented it, but that’s where it’s leading.

As far as who these traditionally democratic voters are, they don’t need to be the people who are normally characterized as Democratic voters (women, labor union workers, Catholics, minorities, and Jewish voters) the Democratic voters on November 8th will be everyone and anyone who was turned down at a polling place because they weren’t prepared to vote, i.e., they didn’t have a state-issued photo ID or other valid proof of identity in their state.

It’s sad that these problems will be characterized as politically motivated attacks on the Democratic voter base, but they will be, I have no doubt, characterized just like that.

The reality is somewhat different: Every state with new or tougher voter-ID laws has spent millions of dollars over the past year in attempts to educate the public. Most every state has offered free state-issued photo-IDs to those who do not have driver’s licenses. But even after those and countless other efforts, there will be millions of citizens who stay uninformed and who assume that they can take a copy of their phone bill down to the polling place as proof of residence and that, along with their Blockbuster card is all they’ll need.

It’s regrettable, but a sad fact-of-life that, until the day of an election, millions of American’s take the right to vote and the importance of that right less seriously than they take their right to play the state Lotto.


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