Virginia’s Senate Race: There IS Another Choice


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Many Virginia citizens are dreading the day, just a week from now, when they have to choose a Senator to represent them for the next six years. According to the news media they really only have two choices: George Allen, the Republican and former Virginia Governor who has too many questions about his personal ethics and attitudes left unanswered and has a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time; and Jim Webb, the Democrat who used to be a Republican but was a Democrat before that who is a novelist and a former Secretary of the Navy (umm . . . but that was back when he was a Republican so it might not count).

Both of these Virginia Senate candidates have been surrounded by controversy (Allen a little more than Webb) and both have developed strong pitching arms from slinging “mud” at the other in what is turning out to be one of the dirtiest Senate races since . . . well, since the last one!

Both of these candidates have platforms: Allen’s platform is 100% blind support of the current administration while Webb’s is 100% opposition to the current Administration. That, of course, is a gross generalization but if they do have positions they have been almost totally lost in their smear campaigns.

The media, however, is wrong, Virginia voters do have another choice; there is another candidate on the ballot!

The Independent candidate for Virginia’s Senate Seat is a fiscal Conservative who brings 34 of experience as a civil servant to the ‘party.’ This candidate: is a retired Air Force officer who managed a multi-million dollar research and development budget for the Air Force; has been an Air Force reservist for the past twenty-two years; was an election official for the past 12 years; holds degrees in Business Administration and Software Engineering; played basketball in high school and lettered for three years; has raised a family and has four wonderful grandchildren.

That sounds like a pretty well-rounded guy doesn’t it? Except she’s not a guy, she’s Gail Parker a woman who has something to say to Virginia voters that has nothing to do with the other candidates’ weaknesses.

Virginia voters! You still have an alternative and it’s not at all an unattractive alternative. Gail Parker has a direction in mind for the state as well as for the country and if elected you will not only have a competent Senator, you will have an independent Senator who isn’t being pushed in either direction by either “major” political party.

You know all about Allen and Webb, you know, in fact, more than you need to know about Allen and Webb — there is still a week to go and there is one other candidate you need to read about and learn about. She may not, after your research, be your choice but she IS another choice and her name is printed on the ballot. Make a decision on November 7th that is based on YOUR research, not on the media coverage of the circus that has come to town.

Sadly, the competition has beaten Gail Parker’s campaign to the ground. Right now, according to MSNBC, both Allen and Webb are trying to get her to withdraw from the race and support them and she may do that but the name Gail Parker is still on the ballot and it will be there on November 7th.


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If you are dedicated to political news and to blogging, BNN has an offer you may not want to refuse. Go check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Virginia’s Senate Race: There IS Another Choice

  1. I respect your opinion but just want to ask you to comment on the fact that you know that she will not win and therefore your vote is in effect wasted. I know you have ideals, but in a race this close, where I am getting an ulcer watching the percentages in the TENTHS and HUNDREDTHS, why not be realistic and use your vote to actually do something? If 1% of the votes that went to Parker went to Webb, then he would have won! If Allen wins, do the math and see how many free-thinkers’ votes went to help him instead of hurt him.

    Please consider being practical next election.

  2. Melissa,

    I really do appreciate your comment but I can’t get on board with your point of view.

    You suggest that the only options a voter should have are the ones selected by the major parties and that every vote that went to Gail Parker took a vote away from Webb (I get the sense that you don’t care about the ones that were taken away from Allen). Well, in a sense what you say is true — but only if you twist logic enough to convince yourself that a vote that Webb never had, one that was not given to him, can be “taken away” from him.

    Each vote that was cast should have been cast for the voter’s favorite candidate — the candidate that the voter felt was the best person for the job. That is the only correct criterion for voting. I say “should have been” because as we both know, most voters pay little attention to the candidate, all they know is what the media has told them and they believe, as you do, that a vote cast for the candidate that has “a statistical chance” of winning is a vote well cast and a vote cast for a candidate that will almost certainly not win is a wasted vote. They are wrong and you are wrong.

    Every vote cast for Parker was a vote for her and for what she stands for. The votes for Parker DID “do something;” they let her know that there are “x” number of voters in the state that think she should be the State Senator — she worked very hard for and deserves to hear that message. It also let the two major party contenders know that there are some people in the state who do not feel that they are as capable as Gail Parker of representing Virginia in the U.S. Senate, that they are tired of “attack” politics and that they will not blindly vote for a political party without considering the candidate. It’s doubtful that either Allen or Webb will pay attention to that message but that’s their problem.

    If you have only $1 you will value that dollar and spend it only on the things you want or need the most. You only have one vote, why not spend it as meaningfully?

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