Government vs. Science . . .

. . . is the title of a press release from the Ayn Rand Institute and, as usual, their point-of-view is right on. The press release criticizes the President’s veto of the embryonic stem cell research bill passed by Congress. Following is the “money quote” from that press release:

"The government should get out of the business of funding science. But so long as it is involved, it must scrupulously respect the separation of Church and State. Its funding decisions must be made on rationally demonstrable, not faith-based, grounds. Bush's veto clearly violates this principle."
Two points: Why should the government get out of the business of funding science? Because their funding (or should i say OUR funding -- since we are paying the bill)dilutes scientific research and makes scientists answerable to politicians. Aside from the ridiculous concept of putting lawyers in charge of scientific progress, you're putting people in charge who's decisions will be tainted by a never-ending quest for votes, not the never-ending quest for knowledge. Before anyone 'reminds me' that the phrase "separation of church and state" appears nowhere in the Constitution; I know that! But the Constitution clearly forbids the government from "establishing" a national religion and Bush's veto of legislation on "moral grounds" (his words) speaks loudly for itself and states, in no uncertain terms, that the President is governing as a religious leader, not as a secular head-of-state. President Bush's personal religious beliefs are, obviously, steering the 'ship of state.'

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  1. Kind of amusing. You abhore that a president opposes something on moral grounds (you translate moral into religious, I’m not sure how) But in your very next post you call logic without morals sociopathic.

    So do you want a sociopathic president?

    The President of the United States is, by definition of his office, a citizen of the United States. And as such the president has the same rights as you and me. The president also has freedom of religion.

    Government science funding is essential in realms of millitary preparedness (new weapons, better armor and communication, etc..). Other forms of research I support like NASA are questionable (an implied power of the government, much like very other federal agency) but I would love to see it ammended in there.

    /Just another republican

  2. Poor Hobo,

    (Sorry this response took so long — my Internet provider has been having problems.)

    Thank you for reading and taking issue with what you see as my confused thinking.

    Just using the term “morality” lends a certain ambiguity to the post — I tried to clear that up by defining my use of the word as the application of “societal rules and norms” to temper “cold, hard facts.” I’m sure, however, when most people see the word “morality” it takes on meanings to encompass a range of things that go way beyond my simple, limited definition. (If you don’t, I applaud you, but I believe that most people automatically translate “morality” into “religion”; I may be wrong on that but that’s the audience I was addressing.)

    To the point: Yes, I abhor the fact that a President of the United States (any President) would have the audacity to reject a piece of legislation (something that, by definition, has the approval of the majority of the “people’s” direct representatives) based on nothing more than his personal, “moral” standards.

    Every one of us,of course, has the right to a personal set of beliefs and has the right to live our lives by those beliefs but only one of us is the President of the United States and if that person finds it necessary to overrule the U.S. Congress, he should have more substantial to say than: ‘no you can’t because I don’t like it.’ At least I expect more than that from a President.

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