Religion, Culture and Nationalism vs. Logical Thought and Rational Action

I guess it makes perfect sense to people in some parts of the world (from the BBC link in the title):

“Greengrocer Azhar Nazir, 30, and his cousin Imran Mohammed, 17, stabbed Samaira Nazir 18 times at the family home in Southall in April 2005.

“The 25-year-old recruitment consultant was killed after she asked to marry an Afghan man – instead of marrying someone in the Pakistani family circle.”

(This pair of nuts have just been sentenced to life in prison — if they were back in Pakistan they would probably have been given a parade.)

In my mind, this type of behavior is simply the insanity that is brought about by putting religion, culture (in this case “family honor”) and, to some extent, nationalism ahead of rational thought. This insanity happens, in one form or another, in all religions and all cultures but some of the followers of Islam seem to have perfected the insanity to the level of an art form. These extremists apparently (or should I say ‘obviously’) care nothing about human life when it conflicts with their religion and/or culture.

Religion, culture, and to some extent nationalism, when you think about it, are all pretty much the same mental disorders; each one sets up an artificial standard that displaces logic and reason.

I have reason to believe, in fact, that the majority of people in the world are, to some degree, under the influence of at least one of these mental disorders and , to illustrate my point, I will freely admit that I am affected by one (and fortunately only one) of the three, the mental disorder called nationalism. Here are my symptoms: I truly believe that my country, in spite of it’s faults, is the absolute best in the world; I would never, ever consider leaving it (if I had any choice in the matter) and I get monumentally upset when our government moves in what I perceive to be the wrong direction for the national good.

Irrational and illogical? Probably so, but my mental disorder makes it all seem so normal.


3 thoughts on “115289507999760864

  1. But see, emotion will almost always win over logic, it’s not a mental disorder, it’s human nature. Except in the case of religion its then religious nature. God bless.

  2. Sweetswede,

    Appreciate your comment but I have to disagree.

    Anything that interferes with a rational thought process is, by my definition, a mental disorder.

    If this is “human nature,” one must conclude that every human is, in a sense, mentally imbalanced.

    No comment on “religious nature.” I don’t really understand the logic behind religion.

  3. My personal mental imballence is my preference not for country (the UK does not have the “god bless our country” indoctrination) but the national requirement that everyone speak English.

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