Uncommitted Moslems At Risk


(From WCHS6.com)

Brent Matthews, a resident of Lewiston, Maine says it was “just a joke” when he rolled a frozen pig’s head into a Moslem Mosque during their prayer service.

Lewiston city officials, of course, weren’t laughing when they slapped the cuffs on him and the 200 or so “political and religious leaders from across southern and central Maine” weren’t laughing at their rally Wednesday (7/11/06) to show support for the “city’s muslim immigrant community.”

To be honest, I couldn’t help laughing when I read the story! Not, of course, because I think it’s funny to disrupt a worship service but just because of that mental image — it was kind of a Monty Python moment.

In all seriousness however, this type of thing is probably something we’ll be seeing (and reading) more and more. It’s perfectly understandable that Americans are upset with the sub-human Muslim radicals they read about every day in the papers and see on the tube — but they have no outlet for all that pent-up hostility so they take it out on Moslims in general. It’s not acceptable, you understand, but understandable.

Now if more American Moslems would commit themselves: start getting vocal and active and start letting their communities know in no uncertain terms that they absolutely do not approve of the behavior of those who practice the radical versions of Islam and beyond that that they condemn that behavior — they would have a lot less to worry about as far as American backlash is concerned.

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